Anticipate and reduce unwanted turnover

Based on behaviors, not surveys. A platform that measures the level of happiness of the collaborators without you having to wear yourself out. Use the technology that allows you to take care of talent and prepare yourself so that you don’t need it

Know the engagement

when they work from home

You have a tool with artificial intelligence so that the human talent team can be proactive and know if what they do really motivates people

Reduces turnover

in a very choppy market

Puedes tener conversaciones oportunas y definir acciones para retener el talento que valoras o prepararte antes para evitar que afecte la productividad de la organización y los proyectos 

Featuresthat make your job easier

Featuresthat make your job easier

Weekly email with the relevant information that makes it easy to analyze the data
Engagement indicator  in the list of collaborators.
Dashboard  of profiles. Alerts in collaborators and candidates


Analysis of the LinkedIn public profile and how attractive it can be for other companies


Detail on unusual activity and comparison with the company average


Measure candidate engagement and choose the best time to contact them

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Modelos de trabajo

En los nuevos modelos de trabajo híbrido y remoto es más difícil para los líderes y para gestión humana saber si los colaboradores están felices

Clients who already anticipate

"It represents the technological revolution to anticipate and reduce talent turnover in the technology sector. It has been the key tool we needed at BETWEEN."
Esther Martínez
People Manager en Between Technology
"The tool gives us very valuable information to make decisions. It seems obvious, but having objective data makes things clearer."
Mariela Kratochvil
Head of People en Ogilvy
"Part of an idea that breaks with the established, it is an innovative tool. It helps us to be one step ahead of our competitors."
Carles Font
CEO de Q-Tech